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Greenery – the color of 2017


Colors are important

Pay attention to your emotions when influenced by a color.

Colour of 2017 picked by Pantone is Greenery


What is Pantone and who are they?

To know more click on link

In July 2016 I started an ever progressive idea on Instagram

of collecting images of retail displays, ideas, products and inspiring unusual and everyday interior design from the variety of homewares and furniture around us

   Thought a lot about what colors I should pick for each month as i am running the collection over a 12 month period and possibly all over again. The original idea was to have and stick to a plan but i have kept my choices random so far and picked the ‘color of the month’ at the last minutes. That is just how I function.

The chosen colour does not neccesarely reflect the color of the season or actual festivity. In fact I try to think outside the box and move away from what is expected.

My collection of GREEN was collected in October 2016 and will revert back to it this year.

Green is one of my favorite colors as it represents nature and has a great calming and relaxing effect.

Check out a small part of my collection of homeware products, interiors, interior design inspirations, visuals and merchandising ideas from October month below.


Full Portfolio:

 Instagram link:

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What I do?? Let me introduce myself…as homewares blogger… Dublin, Ireland

What I do?

Let me jump in at the deep end…

    Having worked with a variety of retailers and brands from the UK and the Global market for over 10 years in different roles, I decided I would like to move onto supporting products, designers and businesses in their online activities and with their public online engagement. I come from strong retail management and visual merchandising, retail communication and customer service background and have a good understanding of the Irish market and commercial awareness of home products, furniture design and décor industry.

   Products to me are always precious. I enjoy following the journey of products and watching a brand grow or expand. I enjoy a success story. Few examples of my portfolio also more on my Facebook page and Instagram⇓⇓⇓


As a freelancer I do…


   Continuous or occasional digital publications such as blogs, guest blogs, creative content, Instagram & Facebook posts of particular brands and specific products, ideas, inspirations or anything that can attract the attention of the public to give the brand more exposure.

Posts can cover a range or requirements

– product characteristics

– ideas/tips visual introduction of a design or product

– interesting facts/stories behind the design or brand

– special offers

– new arrivals

– business activities

– general posts

   Online presence with a static website is a must nowadays which represents a solid background to a brand or a business, but it is crucial that the website is kept live with content that keeps growing audience and keeps the followers engaged.


     Lately we have started to see the growing importance of product reviews, ideas, tips which seems essential to keep up with the demand of consumers. The public wants to hear what is new, what is out there, what is going on at local level. They want to know where they can find certain products, who the stockists are for a certain item for example.


    Product reviews give an idea of the quality, style, material and of course beyond physical characteristics blogs and posts can speak in a tone which engages the public at an emotional level.

   Visually attractive images highlight the reasons why we should fall in love with the product or the brand. Visual and creative content on social media can be a very strong marketing tool. It seems essential for beauty or fashion brands for example, to create a culture around celebrities using their products and publishing them on social media. Beauty and travel bloggers support those industries as well.

Offer, marketing, sales

    With my motto “there is a product for everyone”, I have full understanding of the fact that there is a need to be helping the public to find their way around home wares, décor, furniture and gifts that are offered around Ireland. I love working with individual or a variety of products, all types of ranges, styles, seasons.

Image sources: mainly my own

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Timeless pastels: Easter in Colours



Looking back a few years and we will realize pastels are always in for spring and summer, last year rose quartz had often been seen with copper and that trend has continued its way into 2017.


lilac geranium sea foam crystal blue

pink lavender pale banana chalk pink

Few pastel pieces in modern and timeless style below ⇓⇓⇓ Pastels seem to work in both traditional and modern settings creating bright, flawless relaxing environment. Check out below⇓⇓⇓


We are looking forward to fresh and amazing window displays and product displays in stores with greenery all the way. Yipee colour of the year 2017 chosen by Pantone. We all love a cactus. In a previous blog I have shown my collection of GREEN visuals reflecting the color choice for 2017. Check it out below⇓⇓⇓

Also you will find my latest feed of pastel visuals on Instagram here⇓⇓⇓

Hope you had a lovely browse in pastel world of visuals, please visit again,

Love ,





What is Scandinavian design? And why we love it so much?


We need to go back in time a little bit to understand where Scandinavian design originates from.


Scandinavian design is a design movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality that emerged in the 1950s in the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland.

In Ireland and the UK Scandinavian design has only recently influenced the furniture market. Whilst Europe have experienced the presence of modern mass retailers, including Ikea since the 1950-1980s.

Let’s start with the basics. The style emerged in the 1950s as part of a modern movement in Nordic design. Function and affordability were prioritised over preciousness and luxury.

Main characteristics

  • pale colours

  • natural materials (wood, rattan, linen)

  • neat furniture, clean lines

  • light and bright, practical interiors

  • decluttered spaces

  • greenery and natural light

  • cozy, natural textiles

Best characteristic of Scandinavian design is simplicity, there is simply no fuss. Practical and functional ideas are always prior, and with that the decluttered minimal space becomes the look. The look becomes the lifestyle. Clean lines and simple silhouettes are so popular that they’ve become mainstream. It is also easy to bring your own personality into the look with mix and match as you can see on some photos above ⇑⇑⇑

“It’s as much a lifestyle as it is a look”


The characteristics of SCANDI clearly explain why we modern minds love this design and lifestyle stream so much. It is relaxing , calming and easy to get on with. Simple. Keep it simple.

12 month plan – Want to be featured? Get your shot at fame!


   The 12 months plan 

  In July 2016 I started a collection of inspirations from different businesses, for example: interiors, homewares, décor, furniture, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, nature and beautiful things. The idea is to gather inspirations from our everyday world in a specific colour each month.

  Each month then many brands, products, businesses, ideas, inspirations get their “spot of fame” on my Instagram feed and also on the blogs published on my website which is still a work in progress.

My history

   Having worked in visual and management roles in retail in Ireland as well as UK and Global companies I learnt to understand the connection between businesses and consumers. I also grasp the psychology behind visual displays, how every visual display or presentation of a brand influences customers to choose a product or a brand, and that is whether instore or the online appearance of brands and products.

  Branding includes attitude of a business and how the business expresses itself to the public. Stores, websites and social media exposure should be visually attractive, that of high standards where public feel welcomed at every level and step of their journey of shopping.

What can I do for your business?

    I am very happy to present not only lovely Irish designed crafts, jewellery, furniture, home décor and homewares but the same from around the world supporting brands, designers, crafters, makers, thinkers. Many years of travelling and work experience with a variety of products in wholesale and retail with global, UK and Irish businesses has made me realize that no matter what country we live in, the beauty of products are the same to all of us. In different nations and in different environments people have their own specific ways of decorating their homes, they have a different need and approach to colors and shapes. Bearing in mind that functionality differs too.

   YET we all have a desire to feel comfortable in a practical and relaxing environment. Of course traditions and habits are high influencing factors when choosing the right design. Luckily we have access to all existing designs buying local, national or online global suppliers.

Few examples of visual content from me ⇓⇓⇓

  If you wish your product to be included in my monthly feed of a particular colourscheme, please send me an email to or get in touch via other social media⇓⇓⇓




No limits. Advertise your design or products through @homewaresblogger.

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What I do?? Let me introduce myself…as homewares blogger… Dublin, Ireland

What I do? Let me jump in at the deep end…     Having worked with a variety of retailers and brands from the UK and the Global market for over 10 years in different roles, I decided I would like to…

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