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What I do?? Let me introduce myself…as homewares blogger… Dublin, Ireland

What I do? Let me jump in at the deep end…     Having worked with a variety of retailers and brands from the UK and the Global market for over 10 years in different roles, I decided I would like to... Continue Reading →

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Green & Blue Shop Display Inspirations (Home Furnishing Business)

Regardless of trends blue and green will always be part of our selection when designing interiors for homes. Proven, undoubtedly green & blue came out on top in the popularity measure of colours in furniture and homewares in my project... Continue Reading →

The magic of a new store – IKEA

Standards & fresh inspiring displays of a new store Opening 14th June 2017 IKEA opened its first store in Hungary in 1990 and has been a journey of a success throughout its historic 27 years. I personally worked... Continue Reading →

Summertime in Bray, Ireland – sea, sun, sand

Bray Seafront 23 May 2017, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Life of a trend

The operations thrive of retail TREND Love this chart that explains a bit about  the life of a trend. The reason for trends is the simple fact that we are all in need of change. Small or large, our clothes... Continue Reading →

Spring visual refreshment – homewares, interiors – purple boost

SPRING Finally sunny days arrive to Ireland giving our gardens a kick and flowers to bloom. Such beautiful time of the year. Check out my inspirations for the month of May on Instagram . ⇓⇓⇓ Everyone is thinking of refreshing... Continue Reading →

Retail Visuals – consistency is key

Retail Visuals – Product merchandising We all love visually inviting spaces may that be the market, the corner shop, a boutique or a larger shop or even a heavily shopped department store. Department stores do not always allow great displays and there is a reason why. Recently visited a few in London and Dublin functionality, quick […]

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