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Best of BLUES – colour trend predictions 2018

'Colours' that drive our emotions towards creating spaces where we love spending time and aiming for comforting and relaxing homes We hear it from every direction, trends come and go, trends stick around for years, trends move on. Current trend... Continue Reading →

Green & Blue Shop Display Inspirations (Home Furnishing Business)

Regardless of trends blue and green will always be part of our selection when designing interiors for homes. Proven, undoubtedly green & blue came out on top in the popularity measure of colours in furniture and homewares in my project... Continue Reading →

Life of a trend

The operations thrive of retail TREND Love this chart that explains a bit about  the life of a trend. The reason for trends is the simple fact that we are all in need of change. Small or large, our clothes... Continue Reading →

Spring visual refreshment – homewares, interiors – purple boost

SPRING Finally sunny days arrive to Ireland giving our gardens a kick and flowers to bloom. Such beautiful time of the year. Check out my inspirations for the month of May on Instagram . ⇓⇓⇓ Everyone is thinking of refreshing... Continue Reading →

Retail Visuals – consistency is key

Retail Visuals – Product merchandising We all love visually inviting spaces may that be the market, the corner shop, a boutique or a larger shop or even a heavily shopped department store. Department stores do not always allow great displays and there is a reason why. Recently visited a few in London and Dublin functionality, quick […]

Greenery – the color of 2017

  Colors are important Pay attention to your emotions when influenced by a color. Colour of 2017 picked by Pantone is Greenery What is Pantone and who are they? To know more click on link In July 2016 I started an... Continue Reading →

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